C&G Electrical Qualifications

City & Guilds 2377-12

(Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment)

If you are signed up for a “PAT testing course”, this is the test you are likely to be taking. The exam looks at how electrical equipment is inspected and tested in accordance with the IEE Code of Practice for in-service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment (3rd Edition).

The exam involves 30 questions and has a one hour duration. There are six questions from each of the following sections:

  • Equipment construction
  • Inspection
  • Combined inspection and testing
  • The use of instruments and the recording of data
  • Equipment

The pass mark for the exam is not disclosed by C&G, but it is thought to be 85%.

During the exam you can use your own copy of the Code of Practice to source answers – no other source of information can be used (no mobile phone, internet, notes or other reference books).

See the “Exam Tips” section and the “C&G 2377-12 Specific Hints” for some useful suggestions.